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1. If i had to choose between either having hooks for hands or having to wear rollerblades all of the time, I would HANDS DOWN choose the latter.

2. I got my appendix taken out on 2/14/05. thats right, folks, Valentines Day.

3. I love Joss Whedon and everything he has ever done because he always writes strong female characters who kick ass into everything he's ever done… especially looking forward to The Avengers. Though the theme song to Firefly sucks.

4. I live in Brooklyn, but my day job is in my hometown of Staten Island. Holler. I will take you out to lunch if you dare to take the ferry.

5. I am a half-Chilean ninja, aka Chilinja, thanks to my stealthy father.

6. When not behind a camera, I can be found thrifting secondhand objects and wearables (such as vinyl records and high-waisted skirts), streaming movies and television shows (Firefly, Mad Men, and Parks and Recreation are in my recent history) on my hardy mac, craving sushi on an hourly basis, doing crossword puzzles, and playing with my roommate's cat Kai McFuzzybottom Esq.

7. My favorite book is a collection of short stories by Miranda July called, "No One Belongs Here More Than You." Her films are amazing as well.

8. Today my favorite movie is Jarmusch's Night on Earth.

9. If I could have a one minute dance party at your desk, and could only pick one song, it would what song, it would definitely be 4 non blondes, "What's Up?"; runner-up --- asteroids galaxy tour, “Golden Age.”

Hart & Sol began hundreds of days ago as Maddie & Monica, two creative ladies with short hair and an uncompromising sense of personal style (thankyouverymuch).

We shared a love for art and photography (and didn't think that the two should be mutually exclusive) and began documenting our clients' special days as they unfolded. We always bring own creative spin that includes film, digital, and instant photography – and a fantastic pair of smiles

A client once told us that she didnt want any strangers at her wedding. Neither do we. Let's be friends.