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I've never been a hopeless romantic. In fact, I am rather realistic when it comes to love. A wedding celebrates all of the quirks and moments that have been and are still yet to come, and capturing this “YAY-day” (no matter how big or small) is what I live to do.

I want to create your photo-prologue. I want to supply you with a stress-free wedding vendor experience (yes, those exist) that leaves you with photographs that will tell your story as it unfolds.

I want to fix your dress or boutonnière if it's lookin' crooked, and keep you in full supply of Clean and Clear oil sheets on hand, in case you're lookin' shiny. I hate getting my picture taken, so I know where you're coming from, but one thing I can promise you is that you're beautiful and your photos will reflect that.

The crazy Hart & Sol mitosis has given birth to H&S East, based in Brooklyn, but willing to travel. I work under what I like to call a “low-impact” ethic – getting all of the beautiful, REAL, candid shots but not standing in the middle of the action.

I look forward to using a mixture of digital and film to document your day as it unfolds.

You can find us at the corner of photo-art and thrifted-schwank.